The Business of Aeroplane Windows

as structural element of passenger plane body
as rhythmically occurring pore on interior polymer panel
windows in series
concentric ovals
beige oval within beige oval with beige eyelid
pre takeoff eyes open onto tarmac
where back end airport business is conducted in high visibility

Boarding completed

pre flight suspension
time slips into aircon vortex
anaesthetic air circulates cabin
Calibration of body to the architecture of 71A


The oval view is in motion
I am motioned to screen out the window view
to close beige lid
interfering with backlit screen
Backlight on
Screen on
My view is rerouted
because my view counts
View count
View channelled into tracked territory
in-flight entertainment prescription

Grid of channels on menu
I select flight tracker
see myself tracked through space
through eyes that are not mine
Remote digital prosthetics

I toggle between surrogate lenses
front of plane eyes
satellite eyes
suspect hybrid eyes
bionic eye at 71A looks through beige window screen
Assembling pixeled view on screen
Screening window that is screened off
Temporary stereo vision
A suspicious trajectory wherein
eye favours screened windows

No trajectory visible in plane eyes
Position of self unconfirmed
Self reflected on screen
Plane self on screen
I am plane
a particle in travelling haze
travelling in counted space
Clouds computed
Satellite with umbilical chord
Looped in
Plugged in terminal mouths
fed and feeding back prescribed bites
handed out through window
Traded for the view

This is the business of windows

Performed at Lagoon Parliament, Berlin

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