Terms of Reality
Terms of Reality examines screens as agents in the construction of social reality and speculates the construction of an alternate reality by use of an alternate, now obsolete, screen technology – the vector screen.

In theories of social constructionism, language is that which is said to construct reality. Terms of Reality draws a parallel between language and screen technology, in identifying both as vessels or even sites information synthesis. Herein symbols are converted to information; the knowledge derived from this information shapes the subsequent reality.

The interpretation of linguistic symbols is subject to the individuals life experiences and therefore unique. In screens however, the interpretation of symbols (optical or electrical signals) is subject to the technological make up of the particular screen technology. In our current smartphone ubiquity, LCD screen technology dominates, we are looking through the same screen and thus constructing the same standardised reality.

Terms of Reality speculates an alternative reality, one constructed by a vector screen. In contrast the hyper-real, absolute, discreet and fragmented LCD screen, the vector as screen proposes an abstract, relative, continuous and object oriented filter through which to perceive the world beyond.

Exhibited at Graduate Show, Berlin University of the Arts

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