Postcards from the Metaverse
2021 - 2024
Each postcard in the series ‘Postcards from the Metaverse’ is a record of what the artist saw and wrote down on one of her regular trips to the metaverse.

Postcards in the year 2022 are smiled upon as a sweet medium of nostalgia. This medium however has always been about showcasing the new; new buildings, new products, new destinations, new infrastructure. Personal reports of new places sent to inform the people back home.

The metaverse as an idea is not new, just newly mainstream since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of Meta. Writing in 2021, we can only speculate how exactly the metaverse will shift and obscure the borders of our reality. How issues of privacy, misinformation and harassment will spread through this expanding territory. But if we were to stand still for a moment and look, we can also see a place where clouds drift across the sky, people stand and stare at things and the bar has an ugly carpet.  

The first postcards in the series document trips to Decentraland.

Here is a short text about the research behind ‘Postcards from the Metaverse’.

Exhibited at Solaris, Berlin, Germany

Photos by Gosia Lehmann

All works and content
© Theresa Reimann-Dubbers 2014 - 2024